More biking in my life

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I forgot to mention that we’ve been watching the Tour de France.  It’s fun to see a county and it’s citizens and the world, for that matter, so into the sport.

When I did my intervals today alone I pictured myself training for the Tour to keep myself going.  I tried two new intervals today.  I got them from Bicycling magazine.  First I did wind-out sprints for maximum power, which they say is the ability to apply force quickly.  I rode in a really high cadence, up to 120, and kept changing gears and getting back up to 110-120 before changing again.  I did it for 2 minutes with one minute off and did this for 10 minutes.  I had forgotten the actual directions. 

Here is what the instructions say:  After a thorough warm-up, start at a slow speed, only 5 to 8 miles per hour, and in your small chainring and a middle gear on your cassette.  Do a 10-second all-out sprint with only 1 or 2 gear changes.  Wind out the gear before you shift, like you do in a car, going up to 120 rmp before upshiting.  Complete 6 to 8 sprints, recovering 2 minutes after each sprint.

Then I did microbursts which raises your lactate threshold.  It worked out really well because I was near Greenhorn and did this all the way out to the end of Greenhorn Road.  This is easy to remember:  do 15 seconds “on” at a near sprint, then do 15 seconds “off” at an easy spin.  Continue for 10 minutes.  (This is just the time it took me to ride to the loop at the end of the road).  “It’s totally annoying,” says coach Allen, but effective.  Unlike steady-pace lactate threshold workouts, he explains, microbursts work primarily by challenging your body to quickly and repeatedly recover from high-intensity muscle fatigue.  “Plus, you get a tremendous boost in your ability to change speeds,” Allen says.  Because it takes only 10 minutes, Allen recommends preceding this with wind-out sprints to get 2 distinct benefits from a single ride.

It’s a real challenge.  Your heart rate really gets up and stays up.  It makes the time go by fast because you have to keep watching your 15 seconds.  The “off” sections seemed too short and the “on” sections too long.  It’s a really good workout.  I was to the end of the road before I knew it.


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